Marys of Saint Anthony Parish

Hail Mary


This statue of Our Lady of Fatima is in Deacon Mike's office.  It is over 80 years old and Deacon Mike found it in an antique store.

Our Lady of Guadalupe


This picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe hangs in the church.  It was a gift from  parishioners    .

Full of Grace


Our Lady of Fatima

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Our Lady of Grace


The lord is with thee





Marian Chapel

Honoring Mary

 In 2018 we did some rearranging of a utility room and came up with a new Marian Room,  This peaceful room gives parishioners and guests a peaceful place to pray before or after mass or anytime upon request. 

 Catholics don’t worship Mary. We honor her; we love her; we venerate her; but we fully acknowledge that she was a human just as we are. We venerate her as we venerate the saints, only more so: she was the first Christian, the first one to believe in Jesus, and as His mother, someone who was very special to our Lord, and so she is special to us. She is the most honored of all the saints.

Los católicos no adoran a María. La honramos; la amamos; la veneramos pero reconocemos plenamente que ella era una humana tal como somos nosotros. La veneramos como veneramos a los santos, pero aún más: ella fue la primera cristiana, la primera en creer en Jesús, y como su madre, alguien que era muy especial para nuestro Señor, y por eso ella es especial para nosotros. Ella es la más honrada de todos los santos.

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Pray the Rosary


Apparitions of Mary

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