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We here at the Parish are hoping to keep everyone well informed about what is going on here at St. Anthony's. 

This page will be used for some of my bulletin material but also for prayers, thoughts, concerns or articles on our Faith and the larger church.   Let me know what you think at

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According to Catholic belief, the soul of a person who dies can go to one of three places. The first is heaven, where a person who dies in a state of perfect grace and communion with God goes. The second is hell, where those who die in a state of mortal sin are naturally condemned by their choice. The intermediate option is purgatory, which is thought to be where most people, free of mortal sin, but still in a state of lesser (venial) sin, must go.

Purgatory is necessary so that souls can be cleansed and perfected before they enter into heaven. There is scriptural basis for this belief. The primary reference is in 2 Maccabees, 12:26 and 12:32. "Turning to supplication, they prayed that the sinful deed might be fully blotted out... Thus made atonement for the dead that they might be free from sin." Consistent with these teachings and traditions, Catholics believe that through the prayers of the faithful on Earth, the dead are cleansed of their sins so they may enter into heaven.

 Quite often we feel rushed, stressed out, always running out of time.  That is the time to slow down our lives.  When I feel that I am getting too busy here at St. Anthony’s, then it is time to stop and pray.  As the weather cools off as we move into the fall here are just a few thoughts that may help.
Listen to a bird singing.   Start to read a good book.  Step outside at night and listen to the wind blowing. Watch water flowing, leaves falling, squirrels scurrying. Pray a Hail Mary or Our Father just because.   
​Slow down and enjoy life!!!!!

BLUE MASS -   On September 29th at the 9:00 am Mass we will be honoring the men and women of our City of Lackawanna who serve in the Police and Fire Departments.  Our prayer is a way to give back to these men and women who protect us and keep us safe.

Reminder:  When you are using space within the parish for a meeting or event, (hall or meeting room) remember to clean up after yourselves and take the trash to the dumpster right after.  It is all our job to keep our parish clean.

FAITH FORMATION - We are presently looking for a Teacher for our combined 7th and 8th grade classes on Sundays.  What a wonderful way to share your faith and help form the lives of our teenagers.  Give the rectory a call.


Is the “Hail Mary” Biblical?
When the angel Gabriel was sent to Mary by the Father, he greeted her, “Hail, full of grace; the Lord is with you” (Luke 1:28). When Mary visited Elizabeth, Elizabeth exclaimed, “Of all women you are the most blessed, and blessed is the fruit of your womb” (Luke 1:41-42). So here we have the first part of the Hail Mary. St. Bernardine added the name of Jesus, clarifying who the fruit of her womb is.     
The second part is in response to the first, asking Mary to pray for us and addressing her as the mother of God. Of course, Elizabeth addressed her in much the same way: “Why should I be honored with a visit from the mother of my Lord?” (Luke 1:43).

Altar Flowers and Plants - We have started to purchase some flowers for the altar and some parishioners ordered some green plants.  We will continue to tastefully decorate the altar and sanctuary of the church to make our worshipping experience more peaceful and prayerful.  Please talk to me before putting any flowers (Real or artificial) in the church.

Religious Vocations - As we continue to pray for more men to think about the priesthood, there is an interesting thing going on in Michigan.  The Dominican Sisters of Mary, which started 22 years ago with four sisters, now has over 140, nearly half of them are thirty years old or younger. Their primary apostolate is teaching.  Please continue to pray for vocations to the Priesthood, Religious life, and the Diaconate.


 Racism, Hatred, Bullying, and Bigotry have no place in a Christian society.  To support any of those ideas is against what we believe as Catholics. These are not political issues but Moral issues.  Here at St Anthony’s we have a multitude of different people from many different backgrounds, our ancestors have come from all over the world and we worship and work together in peace.  We do not always agree, but that is ok.  We work things out, not always getting what we want, but bending for the good of the parish.  Different political views are ok in society if we are looking at the common good of everyone.  Worshipping and living together and challenging one another to be better under our one God is the way Jesus meant for it to be.

Parish Picnic - Many thanks to all who blessed Dawn and my home with your presence last Sunday for the Parish Picnic.  Around 75 of us gathered together as a parish family. The pool was refreshing, the food outstanding, and the company was even better.  Let’s plan to make next year’s even better.

 Always pray to have eyes to see the best in people, A heart that forgives the worst, A mind that forgets the bad, And a soul that never loses faith in God.  


Aquí en la parroquia esperamos mantener a todos bien informados sobre lo que está sucediendo aquí en St. Anthony's.

Esta página se utilizará para parte de mi material de boletín, pero también para oraciones, pensmientos, inquietudes o artículos sobre nuestra fe y la iglesia en general. Déjame saber lo que piensas en

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Siempre ora para tener ojos para ver lo mejor de las personas, Un corazón que perdona lo peor, Una mente que olvida lo malo, Y un alma que nunca pierde la fe en Dios.

Calendar Meeting: I would like to invite all groups and organizations in the parish to come to our annual calendar meeting on Monday, July 8th at 7:00 pm.  Bring the dates of your organization’s meetings, fund raising, special Mass dates etc.  If you would like to drop the dates off at the rectory ahead of time, please feel free to do so as it will save time at the meeting.  

A Marian apparition is a supernatural appearance of Mary to a person (or group of people) on earth. Since the early centuries of the Church, there have been thousands of reported Marian apparitions. “Reported” is a key word here; just because someone says that they saw Mary doesn’t mean that they really did. The Church, under the guidance of the bishop in whose diocese the alleged apparition occurs, carefully investigates alleged apparitions according to a set of criteria established by the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Vacation/Pilgrimage: Dawn and I will be on vacation next week to Knock, Ireland where a Marian Apparition took place many years ago. I will pray for the parish and all of you as we experience the place where our Mother Mary came to the island. 

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY FROM THE DESK OF DEACON MIKE - Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers, Grandfathers, Godfathers, and father figures in children’s lives.  In his humbleness St. Joseph is the pure example of how we should live as Catholic fathers.  Hard working, humble, and loving.  Let us men allow Joseph to be our guide and model for our lives.    

Vocations:   Think about the last time that you have encouraged anyone in the way of becoming a priest, deacon, or religious sister?  Or maybe told them that they would be a good Lector, Minister of the Eucharist, or perhaps a Faith Formation Teacher.  Quite often people need a nudge from the Holy Spirit and that spirit may be working thru you.    

Baptisms:  We have a few Baptisms coming up, one is on a Friday afternoon.  Just know that we are willing to work with any family who want their children baptized.  Have them call the rectory and we will work with them.     

Summer Fun. Please watch the bulletin for announcements for our upcoming parish picnic, spaghetti dinner, and Youth Group activities.      HAVE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE!!!   


FROM THE DESK OF DEACON MIKE - Pentecost: Today is Pentecost Sunday where we celebrate the Birthday of the Church.  Here is a simple Prayer that you can pray this week as a family.
Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and enkindle in them the fire of your love.  Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created.  And you shall renew the face of the earth.
Let us pray. O God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant us in the same Spirit to be truly wise and ever to rejoice in His consolation. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Chicken Dinner: Many thanks to all who helped our Chairperson Fred Bauer in any way for the Chicken Dinner.  Many of you were there all day, some helped half the day, many, many others bought or sold tickets.  It was a very good turnout and is very much appreciated by me.  It is amazing how hard all of you work for the parish.

Confirmation:  Three of our teenagers, Tatiana Officer, Selina Vargas,  and Armani Cortes received the Sacrament of Confirmation at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Athol Springs last Monday.  Thanks to Cheryl and Catalina for their diligence in getting them ready for this big event in their lives.

Candles:  Please do not blow the candles out after mass, use the snuffers. Blowing out the candles causes wax to fall onto the altar linens and carpets.If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

6/2/2019 Summer Time  Finally it seems like spring is in the air and summer is not too far behind. We need to keep those people in the Mid West and the Southern states in our prayers from the floods and Tornado damage. 

Remember to thank God for the gift of Summer. Green grass and trees, the smell of fresh cut grass, summer rains and cookouts; the sounds of laughing children and singing birds; the beauty of sunshine and blue skies. Amen

New Website and Facebook Page Coming soon. We will be starting up new social media sites to get information out about the Parish and the Catholic Church in general I n a timely manner. 

Pentecost Sunday is next week.Because you are part of the body of the Church, Pentecost is the Church's birthday, and yours as well. And like any birthday, it's a cause for celebration. The word Pentecost is Greek and it means "50th day." Fifty days after Easter Sunday, we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and their followers, and the beginning of their Earthly ministry to make disciples of all nations. What are we doing as a parish and individuals to make disciples of all nations?

Have an attitude of gratitude!!!T