January Bulletins 2020


January 2020


Saturday, January 11

4:00 p.m.  Joseph & Virginia Kalenda by Joe, Cindy and family


Sunday, January 12 – THE BAPTISM OF THE LORD

9:00 a.m.  José Antonio Alvira by Ines Calderon & family

11:30 a.m.   Stanley Perez by Sonia Liciaga

Monday, January 13 – St. Hilary, Bishop and Doctor of the Church    

8:30 a.m.  NO MASS 

Tuesday, January 14  

8:30 a.m.   Anna & Albin Janiga by the family 


Wednesday, January 15     

8:30 a.m. Dominick Bracci [anniv.] by Josephine Pietrusik 

Thursday, January 16 

NO MASS     

Friday, January 17 – St. Anthony, Abbott     

8:30 a.m. NO MASS   

Saturday, January 18 - BVM

4:00 p.m.  Anne & Carmen Corvigno by Joan Luccy

Sunday, January 19 – 2ND SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME

9:00 a.m.  Eladia Cardona by the family 

11:30 a.m. Alejandrina Raspaldo by Tita Collazo


The Baptism of the Lord

FROM THE DESK OF DEACON MIKE – Today, baptism means something particular to many Christians: The ritual is an outward sign of the welcoming of people into the church and of God’s forgiveness of sins. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that “through baptism we are freed from sin and reborn as sons and daughters of God. Jesus came to John at the Jordan to be baptized by him, but John tried to prevent him. He said, "How is it that you come to me? I should be baptized by you."

Jesus tells John, "Let it be like that for now so that we may fulfill the right order." He doesn't fully answer John, but he gives a hint because Jesus, though he is Son of God, wants to follow what he calls the right order. He wants to be fully identified with us, with humans, with those who are à sinners, those who are marginalized, oppressed, pushed aside. In that crowd that came to follow John and be baptized, there were people of every class, every order, and every nationality.

Our Future

As we move forward into the future as a church and as a parish, we need to continue to look at who we are and what are we doing here in Lackawanna. 2020 brings us new challenges as well as the scandal hanging over our heads. At St. Anthony’s we are going to try a few new things to help us grow in our faith. We will be getting to know some of our favorite Saints better, we would like to try a ministry to our Young Adults, novenas, Eucharistic Adoration, adult education, and days/evenings of reflection. I encourage to try these out when you can. If the days of the week are bad for your schedule, we can change dates and schedules. 

“Heavenly Father” Help us to continue to grow in our knowledge of you and our faith. Give us the courage to be able to become more the people you want us to be. AMEN

Christmas Thanks: Once again many thanks for the decorating of the church, the gift of sharing Christmas as a parish, and the many cards and gifts received here at the Rectory. 

ST. ANTHONY’S 2020 CALENDARS – The bilingual calendars are found at both entrances to church. Thank you to Colonial Chapels for sponsoring our calendars this year.

2020 COLLECTION ENVELOPES- Please take yours after Mass and please continue to use them. If you had a box of envelopes in 2019 and did not use them you will not get a box for 2020 unless requested. 

DIOCESAN SECOND COLLECTIONS– Starting this month we will only be passing the basket one time per Mass. If you are using an envelope for the Second Collection please put them into the one collection basket. Those who do not use parish envelopes and wish to donate to a second collection, put your donation in an envelope marked with the name of the collection. The envelopes will then be separated by our counters. 

COLLECTION for January 4-5: $2076.


[Faith Formation 12, 19, 26]

12 - Altar Rosary and Holy Name meet after 9am Mass - Drilling Hall

14 - [Tuesday] Parish Council Meeting – 7pm

23 - [Thursday] Finance Council Meeting - 700 pm.

25 – Youth Group Donut Sale starts

THE ALTAR & ROSARY SOCIETY will be selling Hospice Bouquets again this year on January 25 and January 26 after all Masses. Please purchase a Bouquet for a very good cause. There are $10 & $30 Bouquets. Delivery will be on March 3rd, you can pick them up between 1 and 5pm.


Baptism of the Lord  

Christ gives us the gift of Baptism, through which we each have a vocation in the Church. Pray for those who are discerning a call to live their Baptismal commitment as religious brothers, sisters, priests or deacons. If God is calling you to this, call Fr. Andrew Lauricella at 716-847-5535. 

St. Anthony Youth Group Announcements

The Youth Group will hold a DONUT SALE fundraiser and orders will be taken from January 25 to February 2, 2020. More information will be available soon. Thank you for continued support!

Please mark your calendars with our January events: 

January 15, 2020 Youth Advisers Meeting at 7pm in Riter Hall

To plan youth activities – Teen leaders invited 

January 19, 2020 Martin Luther King Mass at 10am at St. Martin de Porres Church, 555 Northampton Street, Buffalo

Youth and families are welcome to attend

January 20, 2020 MLK Day of Service

Youth volunteers will participate in a day of service at

St Anthony Church at 9:30am

January 24, 2020 Youth Group Meets from 7pm to 9pm in Drilling Hall

   Activity Night - Making Convention banner and Craft night  

for younger ones.

If your child is interested in joining the St. Anthony Youth Group, please see a Youth Adviser (Juanita Bauer, Sue Kessler, Nydia Gutowski or Edward Dean) or attend an event. Our Youth Group Winter 2020 Event Schedule is available in the back of church. Please take one!

2019 CONTRIBUTION STATEMENTS – If you wish a Statement of your contributions to St. Anthony during 2019 made using your envelopes, please fill out the form below and place it in the collection basket.



NAME _______________________ ENVELOPE ____



WE HAVE SANCTUARY LAMPS AVAILABLE FOR 2020– Please call or visit the parish office.



THE SANCTUARY LAMP – (Tabernacle) burns during the month of January in memory of Gladys Hunter requested by Emma & Luis Davila

THE SANCTUARY LAMP – (Book of Life) burns during the month of January in memory of James M. Nicometo requested by the family.

THE SANCTUARY LAMP – (Tabernacle – Rectory Chapel) burns during the month of January in memory of Deceased members of the Walawender and Colarusso families requested by the family. 

PRAY FOR THE SICK - If someone is in the hospital or is ill, please call the rectory or Deacon Mike’s cell phone at 515-8725 so we can pray for those in need. We will keep information on the illness confidential but we are willing to pray and visit those who are sick. 

+PRAY FOR THE SICK – Remember Clara Szafranski, Carmen Maria Velasquez, Dave Manka, Gerald Bracci, Kevin Martin, Jason Clark, Jordan Tokarczyk, Tom Caber, Dennis Poliseno, Tom Makeyenko, Dolores Sambuchi, Judy Toner and Geraldo Colondres. 

+PRAY FOR THOSE IN NURSING HOMES – We ask God for comfort and healing for our sick brothers and sisters in nursing homes, including Daniel Lopez and Eleuteria “Yayi” Ramos.


*Mass in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Sunday, January 19, 2020 at St. Martin de Porres [555 Northampton St., Buffalo] – 10:00am

*Lackawanna’s Second Annual MLK Celebration – Monday, January 20, 2020 – 12:30pm -2:00 pm - Second Baptist Church, 18 Church Street, Lackawanna.